Metal bellows expansion joints is a flexible element that can effectively compensate for deformation. The effective expansion and contraction of the bellows absorbs dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction of pipelines, pipes, containers, etc., or compensates for axial, lateral, and angular displacement.

metal bellows expansion joints for steam pipe


Export to 25 countries which include Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, and USA.

Size Range

From DN 15 to DN 600 with stainless steel bellows hydroformed or mechanical expanded.

Bellows raw material:

The standard is stainless steel 304. In addition, other materials like SS 321 or SS 316L are also available on request.

Value-added services:

Provides free drawings for confirmation, and also free EJMA calculation to verify the feasibility of the program.

Quality Guarantee

Much as one year quality guarantee of free replacement if get any quality problem.


We started make metal bellows since the 1990s. Almost 9 years’ experience of international marketing let us know your requirements better.

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MOQ 50 – 100 PCs Each Size

As low as 9 $ per unit.

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