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Exhaust Bellows Stainless

Helps to take off the strain of exhaust system.

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Exhaust Flex Pipe

Adds needed flexibility to your exhaust system.

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Chinese Multiply Bellows Factory

Our company has been producing metal bellows since the 1990s,
and started exporting bellows expansion joints to Germany in 2008.
Our products are highly praised by many European and American customers.

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Why EFB Is Your Wise Choice?

Automatic Forming

All bellows are automatically formed to keep quality consistency.

EJMA Calculation

EJMA Calculation software helps to verify the feasibility of designs.

Helium Leakage Inspection

We do 100% helium leakage inspection before delivery.

Top-notch Quality

Well-developed skills & strict quality control bring you top-quality.

Free Replacement

Free replacement quality guarantee within one year.