Turbo Exhaust Bellow

Exhaust bellow stainless steel helps to take off the strain of engines thermal and vibration of the exhaust system. The flexible bellows assemblies has dual directional inner solid liner for smooth air flow, and has no outer braid. They are used for applications like wastage dump tube, downpipe, turbo manifold.

bellows exhaust performance

30+ US Customers

As a professional stainless steel bellows manufacturer ,
we have been selling this type exhaust bellows for performance exhaust systems,
and now have established partnerships with more than 30 US wholesale customers.

*We also supply to  Canada, Russia, Dubai, Australia, and New Zealand.

Full Size Range from 1.5 to 4.0 inch

Since 2011 we started customizing this product for a US customer, we have produced a complete precision bellows forming molds and inner solid liner expansion tools from 1.5 inch to 4.0 inch.

SizeStandard Material
1.500 inch304 stainless steel
1.750 inch304 stainless steel
1.875 inch304 stainless steel
2.000 inch304 stainless steel
2.250 inch304 stainless steel
2.500 inch304 stainless steel
3.000 inch304 stainless steel
3.500 inch304 stainless steel
4.000 inch304 stainless steel

Free Replacement
of Any Quality Problems in One Year

We provide a one-year quality guarantee for all bellows, although quality issues have never been seen before.

At the same time, we also perform helium leak detection on each bellows before delivery.

Export to America since 2011

Sale 30,000 PCs bellows assembly to US Annually.
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Engaged in the production
of metal bellows since the 1990s

We started make stainless steel flex bellows since the 1990s.
Almost 9 years’ experience of international marketing let us know you better.

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MOQ 50 – 100 PCs Each Size

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